"Beard-Con! 2012" - October 6, 2012
Charity Beard and Moustache Convention, Competition, and Extravaganza!
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When you see this icon , it means a beard club lives in that area!
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South West Ohio


Queen City Bearded Maidens

These bearded beauties are Cincinnati's some of finest! The maidens are an official chapter of the Whiskerinas Society.

Queen City Beard and Moustache Society

The Queen City's largest beard and moustache club. These gentlemen and ladies will show you a good bearded time in the southern gem of Ohio.


Gem City Fake Moustache Society

Dayton's first fake beard and moustache club, The Gem City Fake Moustache Society, rock's the Dayton's social scene advocating fake moustache appreciation.

Gem City Gems of the Whiskerina Society

Dayton's Official Chapter of the Whiskerinas Society, these girls bring class to the fake bearding world.

Gem City Gentlemen of the Gilded Beard

Dayton's premier beard and moustache club, as well as home of the men and women who brought you Ohio's First and Second Charity Beard and Moustache Competition and Festival. They aim to save the world from social tyranny, one beard at at time.

The Tri-State Hair Force

A unique, three state coalition of beard and moustache enthusiasts and facial hair super-stars, representing the greater Cincinnati Area, Northern Kentucky, and Eastern Indiana. Truly a bearded force to be reckoned with!

South East Ohio


Whiskers of Wellston

South East Ohio's first club! Behold, THE WHISKERS!

Central Ohio


Capitol City Charmers

Columbus' sweetest fake facial hair wearing sweet hearts.

C.O.M.B. (Columbus Ohio Mustache Brethren)

The goal of C.O.M.B. is to bring facial hair cultivators closer together and help inform others of the radness of the stache' and such. These gentlemen represent Columbus, and the central Ohio region well!

North West Ohio


Black Swamp Bristle Brothers

The Black Swamp Bristle Brothers are Toledo, Ohio's, first facial hair club! With a focus on charity and an eye on competition victory, this group is sure to bring bearded glory to Toledo!


Bellefontaine Body Bearders

Greetings! The Bellefontaine chapter of Body Bearders (BBB) would like to welcome you to share in the spirit of facial hair! You don't actually need to be from Bellefontaine. You don't even need a beard or mustache (fake beards are welcome too!) to show your appreciation. Bellefontaine is home to a growing group of friends. The Bellefontaine Body Bearders are on a mission of sharing great tales, drinking great ales, and growing great facial hair.
Chapter meetings generally occur once a month and are open to the public, announcements will be posted. The premise of these gatherings will be not only to socialize over ales and appreciate new growth but, to organize thoughts and ideas that might benefit the future of our team and community. All are welcome and encouraged to show support. Let´s grow together!


The Beard Alliance of Defiance

A very Defiant gang of tattooed, dreadlocked beardsmen from the North West!
North East Ohio

Northeast Ohio Facial Hair Club

North East Ohio's premier facial hair club! Please Welcome our Northeastern Beards!

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